Anyone know why the coach is leaving, fired,resigned, new job ? Thanks
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My "inside" source indicated that the job is posted because it is being changed from a part-time to full-time job and that necessitates that it be posted. There is no indication that the coach is ressigning or that the admin. is unhappy with Coach Avery.
I guess the inside information was not very reliable. There was a clean sweep of the O.U. baseball staff. Which of course coach Avery took the fall for.
Dylan Putnam from MSU is now the head coach. Any specific questions please ask.
Dylan Putnam Appointed as Oakland University Head Baseball Coach
Rochester, Mich. (July 7, 2005) – Oakland University athletics director Jack Mehl announced today the hiring of former Michigan State assistant Dylan Putnam as OU’s newest head baseball coach. Putnam replaces Mark Avery, who is not returning for the 2006 season. STORY husband was in the first graduating class of Oakland....he still has the ring that the widow Dodge gave the first class.....he wanted son to apply....but we just couldn't get past the Michigan weather....sounds like we made a good decision....for reasons besides the weather....
Go Grizzlies or maybe back then it was the Volunteers, Pioneers or something. They have a good school and baseball program just no pitching. They have lost 7 players to the MLB draft over the past two years. The school has comitted more money and a new staff lets give them a chance. The school has grown to 18,000 students and was the first team to lose N.C. in the Div 1 basketball tournament. Who knknow what would have happened if they won that first game. Ha! ha! ha! my humor.
Too bad for M. Avery as he did not get the support necessary to succeed. husband wants you to know that when he attended Oakland...there was no mascot....there were no sports teams....the original school colors were white and gold....and he was one of 9 surviving, graduating engineering majors in the first class of ' was a very tough curriculum......

He played baseball at Pontiac Central....but....Oakland it's conception...had the philosophy of being solely a tough academic school....

Good luck to the baseball program......sometimes it takes major changes to make things right....
Go Chiefs!! At least Pontiac Central used to be the Chiefs; not certain anymore.

Actually, Oakland University has had five players drafted in the past three years (one in 2003, three in 2004, one in 2005) and two more sign as undrafted free agents. Four of the seven in the three years were senior signs.

In saying that, as Steve pointed out, they had been somewhat handicapped by minimal funding, though my understanding is that now they will have the full alotment of 11.7 scholarships.....New coach Dylan Putnam will do a fine job!!
I hope that Dylan P. can bring an arm full of pitching talent. Have you heard of any signings for the 06 season? They will be showing up and the end of this month when school starts.
A lefty, John Toth, from my son's summer team is headed there this fall on scholarship. He has talent and performed well against D1 competition this summer. He also had an excellent high school career just missing a D2 state championship this year at Padua which is near Cleveland.
I look forward to see this lefty throw. There are many players from Ohio already on the roster with out of state money. I am sure he will add to the buckeye support. Also FYI Oakland beat OSU last year when they met in Columbus!!!
Sound good from Chicagoland, SS position was a revolving door last year with too many errors fielding and throwing. I hope the team just sticks to basics and will have a better year. There will be many new faces and this is what this team needs. Keep that information comming and maybe they can lower the RPI rating to better than 284 or so.
Go Grizzlies
Congrats to the new coach. Is it true that OU will be getting a new stadium? It is a beautiful campus and with plenty of land to grow.
General Sports of Rochester Hills, Mi. has made an offer last year to put up a 17 million dollar's to convert in the Hollar that has the existing field into a world class stadium. This was rejected by the powers to be at O.U. as they thought it was not enough. Go figure
The General Sports people own the team in Ft. Wayne, Ind and have a real knack for supporting baseball. This would have been somthing. And who know maybe this year the opportunity may resurface again???? This has been going on for about three or four years.
Thanks for the information. What a shame to hear the plan was rejected. Let's hope that it things get worked out and a new stadium can be built.
Coach Putnam has about 20 young men returning and 20 new guys from all around the midwest. It looks like O.U. does have a new look and prospective. There will be more to come as the season progresses. Check out the website for some fair talent on board along with a reputable coaching staff. So far this has been a real upgrade.

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