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...would they have to cancel even an INDOOR baseball game due to weather!

My son's team was to open their season tonight with a doubleheader in the Metrodome. But the snowstorm (with high winds and drifting snow) has made road conditions so bad that the teams can't make the drive (about 2 hours each way for both teams).
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That sooo stinks! ( for lack of a more mature word,..sorry,.....its been along day!)

We had snow too, today. NOT FUN!!!
( HS baseball rosters went up today,..first practice of the season held in the basketball gym after school because of bad weather & snow flurries. Joy!)

I was willing to give the snow a fair shake. It was fun at Christmas time,..and ok,..I'll even tolerate it around New yaers,..but the fun meter has worn out. Bottom line,...its no longer fun.

Would somebody paleeeeeeeeease have a talk with Mother Nature and tell her its time for Spring already????
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Julie, I think it is time for you to take the HSBaseballWeb World Tour to check out the other websters and their baseball venues. You should start in Hawaii and work your way (slowly) East, lingering in California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, then covering the South, and returning to the midwest and East sometime in May. It IS sunny by May, isn't it? Smile We'll all treat you real good, will buy you hot dogs and loan you suntan lotion, etc.!
You think that's bad? Just the other day - I had to use my chapstick and sunblock. The northern teams visiting were so white - the sun glare off of their skin was devastating. It was awful - San Antonio, TX. Up there, you always know what to wear. Here, we can never be sure. Should you bring the light coat or not? Shorts or jeans? Decisions-Decisions!

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