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I think I can speak for everyone on the Texas Forum that I truly hope you stay with us on the HSBBWEB. You are a genuinely nice person with a proper perspective on baseball's place in all our lives.

You raised a young man with a vision on where he wants to take his life, and it seems like he is headed for a very productive one.

You have insight and you are an incredible cheerleader for all our kids, whether we are playing against your team or just supporting our knuckleheads as they progress through HS baseball.

If it all the same to you, I(we) would just as soon as you stay around and offer your positive support, insight and cheerleading...please!!!

Scott (father of a knucklehead)
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Thank you for having enough patience and grace to extend to this overly Coppell fan. Getting to know you has helped me start to understand this baseball community.

Feel free to adopt Meat when he isn't playing Marcus.

I think it was you that lead to Train taking a leave of absence from this board.

Come watch the Coppell - SCL match-up we hope it will be a good one. I heard Cole Green is at full strength and ready to give it his all against Reid or their #2.
Wow, what a Mother's Day gift, thank you to all.

I truly have been blessed by all of you. As I sit reading all of this one thought is in my mind and that is that I wish I was more the person that I am on here out in public but unfortunatly I am not and for that I am truly sorry .

Today, I decided that I will start a new thread and hopefully websters, like myself, with son's that are seniors will add to this and it can be a little something (or more) for us to leave behind, the thread will be:

If I knew then what I know now what I would have done differently. Hopefully this thread will be of some help to those still in HS and it will also be a kind of therapy/closure for some of us.

My first submission would be:

1. I would be more like I am on HSBB web to those on the outside world.

Hopefully the thread will be of some help/insight/guidance/legacy to those entering the HS years or it just might be a bunch of BS, but it is worth a try.
Teresa -

Although we've never met in person, your guidance and encouragement throughout this year have been immeasureable. In my little corner of the world, there was absolutely no one to turn to that understood what I was going through as far as baseball recruiting and such.

So many times in life, we meet people who make an impact and then they are gone. I echo T-Bird dad's sentiments in that you have made such an impact on this board and you are sincerely needed to stay on to guide others down the rocky, often frustrating, road of baseball recruiting and baseball cheerleading.

Thank you so much for being my cyber friend. You are truly a breath of fresh air on an often clogged up baseball board.
Oh...she will be missed indeed. But you guys will not let her be missed becuase...she tried to sign off and you keep writing...forcing her to post...this WEB...its like a drug..."I need. I need"! OBN has housework to do and you are keeping her from that... Wink She will never go away...I may have her help with my fall team! Smile
Dear wise and sage OBN - although I'm still feeling my way around this site, you took the time and energy to answer my questions (last fall), welcome me and make me feel like I was never a bother. For that I'm eternally thankful.

I know you'll still be here. You've made such an impact and there are still a lot of youngsters you are following. Besides, if Splitter7 son doesn't take the next step to college ball, I'll need your wisdom and encouragment so I don't jump!

Best wishes to your entire family as you guys enter the next phase. As you know, the best is yet to come!!!!!!!!!

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