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Switching gears to summer baseball our league uses the OBR.

Can someone please tell me if my understanding of catch and carry?

If you catch a flyball in foul territory and then continue out of play then the ball is not considered dead. I then beleive that you can throw form dead ball territory (i.e. you do not have to return to the field of play.)

Is this correct or am I wrong?
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OBR 5.10 The ball becomes dead...

(f) When a fielder, after catching a fly ball, falls into a bench or stand, or falls across ropes into a crowd when spectators are on the field. As per runners, the provisions of 7.04 (c) shall prevail. If a fielder after making a catch steps into a bench, but does not fall, the ball is in play and runners may advance at their own peril.

7.04 (c)...If the fielder or catcher, after having made a legal catch, should fall into a stand or among spectators or in the dugout after making a legal catch, the ball is dead and runners advance one base without liability to be put out.

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