PNW Regional, run by Rhett Parker and Arlo Evasick assembled some nice teams for each level of the Perfect Game MLK West Champioships this weekend. 2016s are in the championship game same as Team Northwest was two years ago. Well done guys!


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I was just looking at their rosters and scores. Looks like they did great. We know a couple kids playing on those teams and I saw your son listed in their committed players list on the website. They have done a lot in a couple short years.

Backstopdad32, my son played for the PNW Uppclass. He had a pretty good game in the semis 2-3 with a triple. He was in Centerfield.

KANDKFUNK from the looks of things these guys are going to build a well-structured process for identifying kids and traveling them to these big events. We've gone to PG events with 3 organizations and NW Elite Baseball is going to advance the ball for sure.  I'm advising the parents of younger area kids that have not already done so, to figure out a way to be seen by Arlo and/or Rhett this coming summer.

Tres - the website says you have to be referred or they have to see you somewhere. They aren't holding open try outs like Baseball Northwest. My son will be playing in some different showcase events next summer, like the UW 16U Teams camp/tournament and a similar OSU event, so maybe that will draw some looks. I know a couple of the Oregon kids on their rosters and they are quality players.

One of the PNW Regional guys or the other will be at the UW Tournament. In all likelihood, they will be at most of the primary recruiting tournaments up here next summer. They also run a one-day showcase of their own to help fill rosters for their recruiting event, PNW Regional Games which they started last summer. That was a highly successful event. You should contact Arlo or Rhett directly through the website to get in the database.

BBNW's process is part of their business model. It has worked in the past and they have put together decent travel squads in the past. The thing that bugged me about BBNW is that after declining to attend their recruiting tournament, they did not contact us to go to Jupiter, and that was my son's sole chance to do that event. What they didn't take into account was that since he had already committed, there was no value to us to attend that event. 

However, their coverage in Oregon is excellent and that's an alternative for sure.

tres_arboles posted:

Backstopdad32, my son played for the PNW Uppclass. He had a pretty good game in the semis 2-3 with a triple. He was in centerfield  

I recall him. Very solid. My son was the second pitcher to come in that game. 

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