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2018 son is playing with wood bats this summer (bats right).  He has developed some swelling in the soft tissue between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand.  It really hurt after he hit one off the handle and seemed to swell up. The swelling went down overnight and he felt fine.  Today he threw and hit off the tee - that felt fine.  Then brother pitched to him and again, when he caught one off the handle, the pain came back.  More than just the normal sting.


Has anyone used this product?    ProHitter Batting Grip Aid  Does it help?


Other ideas/suggestions?

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First off, pain and swelling? See a doctor if you can't quickly get it under control.


Things to try;

1) Apply ice 15min/hour to help reduce swelling

2) Ibubrofen - reduce pain, but especially reduce swelling

3) batting gloves

4) wrap the handle with tape (3/4" wide, black, athletic tape)

5) loosen the grip on the bat (you don't need to choke the thing to death)

6) quit hitting the ball off the end of the bat (or near the handle) as it hurts your hands and breaks the bat.

7) could be a bug bite - try an antihistamine


If it keeps flairing up he may need to take a break from hitting for a week.  He could also have an injury so see a DR (orthopedic hand specialist) if you can't get it under control quickly.


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