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If you’re asked to sub on a youth tourney team for a weekend tourney, do you expect to contribute to pay for the team entry fee?  

We usually sub for teams that might be short a player.  Other times, they want an extra Sunday quality pitcher as insurance (or to win).  In both cases, I’ve only been asked to contribute one time in about 15-20 times (11-13u). My opinion is I’m helping out that team, and usually bat last and get fewer innings in the field.  I’d just rest that weekend otherwise - so I shouldn’t incur any cost?

Just curious what your experience has been. I was surprised the one time I was asked, as was a friend who was asked recently.  

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In 13u and 14u my son sometimes played for other teams if we had the weekend off. I was never asked to pay. I told the coach he should bat last and play left of right. He should only pitch if needed. He shouldn’t take the shortstop’s or center fielder’s position just because he’s there.  

Had bad luck with teams blowing up so my oldest son played a lot of pick up tournaments 12u, 13u and 14u.  Almost all of them were free.  One team picked him up for the rest of the 13u season for free.

After the first game, he would usually be moved to CF.  Easily the fastest kid on the field.  I had him bat towards the bottom of the lineup to keep everyone happy.

One team was $50 a weekend.  You knew it going in. The team had a core of players and some extra jerseys.  A guy loved to coach and did it for fun, knew a bunch of kids and would put together a team for the weekend.  Fun team and surprisingly competitive.

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