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After going to LakePoint for tourneys for years, I highly recommend St Angelo's Pizza for food, which is literally right there by the park.  They have pizzas, really good salads and wings etc.  They also have a bar if you need it!  (There are also numerous fast food places within 20 minutes - Chick-Fil-A is right by the park.)

On a side note, try to bring in your own cold waters to the park if not wanting to spend lots of money on water.  It is a great complex with great fields and cooling etc., but it still can get very hot in Georgia in the summer time!

Try to take in a Braves game if possible!  LakePoint is 1/4 mile off I-75 and the Braves Stadium (Truist Park) is 15-20 miles straight down I-75.  The park has plenty of parking and is super easy to access.  (Rome Braves are also within a hour's drive.)

If you need anything baseball related - "Better Baseball" is 30 minutes away (max) and has everything your player might need for baseball.

Just FYI, if you have to stay in a hotel in Acworth, Kennesaw or Cartersville, they are all in within 15-25 minutes away and an easy drive.... (There is a Publix 15 minutes away straight down 41.)

In the past, for PG events, parking was usually $5 daily and park entrance was usually $10 per day or ~$40 for the tourney... Not sure what PBR charges...

Have fun!

Do yourself a favor and eat at Doug’s Place. It might be 2-3 miles from the park.

We’ve played there a couple of times this season. Concession stands have been hit and miss on whether or not they’re open. They say the can’t find workers and the majority of the time the drink machines haven’t worked. Due to the shortage of workers they’re letting you bring in coolers and food. In previous years they’ve been pretty strict about outside items.

PBR doesn't charge the $5 to park thankfully (or at least they didn't last year). You may not play all your games at the complex so the hotel is really up to you. The one nice benefit of the super close hotels is that the batting cages are there and you can walk up at night to hit or to catch a game. A place that we found that is really good is Henry's Louisiana Grill (about 6 miles away). A tiny bit "spendy" but great Louisiana style food if you like that type of food.  We hit Better Baseball up for unhemmed pants and the blem Old Hickory bats (they are slightly off spec and therefore discounted) as back up bats. One year my sweet child went through three bats so we had to make an emergency purchase. Afterwards, he taped and pine tarred one so it looked great and then sold it for profit on Ebay. He has a side hustle doing that now (finding good deals and reselling him). We have to watch him to keep him from selling good stuff!! LOL

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