PBR Youth Future Series in Indiana early August. My question is for 12u and 13u not HS.

Is this similar to a GameDay USA,  or other typical travel tourney company that gives  “MVP”  at end of games in order to market  you to pay to play on an AllStar type team end of summer?

Or is it more legit in terms of level of play, instruction and time spent?

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Worthwhile is an interesting word.   That really depends.

It can be fun.  It can be a confidence builder.  It can help gain some extra credibility in your area, might be a foot in the door to one of the better travel programs for instance.  Might be a nice challenge playing against great competition.  Might be a fun way to connect with other top players from other parts of the country

It isn't really going to help in recruiting much at all, in my opinion, in the short run.  It does help you get on PBR's radar at an earlier age, which could help in their rankings in the long run.

My 2023 will attend the PBR Jr Future Games this summer for AZ. As PBR is expanding here, we thought it’s a good opportunity to get into their system. They hold many invite-only events and really follow the local teams/players. Also good to have a baseline of measurables in his player profile to show growth over time as he goes thru HS.

if anyone else attending, give a S/O - would love to meet up.

2020 son probably for PBR Future games (dates overlap, I think).  when we get closer to the date, will try to remember to look you up for a FTF meeting.  one of the better parts of this PM!!

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