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I was helping my son plan his spring schedule and while looking at his core curriculum requirements I noticed that he needs 2 hours of PE to graduate. I called an asst. to the academic adviser and she verified that this is the case, even for athletes at the college. I asked if he could get credit from playing baseball and she said no. I was quite surprised! Is this typical at other colleges? If so, what type of PE do the players take and at what time of year? Sure seems like overkill to me.
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My boys have had to earn PE credits as well - small DIIIs. They took things like swimming or sports specific weight training.

#1 got talked into yoga by a girl... lasted about 10 minutes! #2 took ballroom dancing - but only because they served cookies and punch after every class!

They both took more than the required # of hours - they actually enjoyed the break from the rigors of the classroom. Other classes they took included badminton and volleyball - basically intramurals, but lots of fun.
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Thanks for the responses. My son will not be taking P.E. this spring, but we will have to figure out what to do for next fall. Right now, the team is doing organized weight-lifting 4-5 days a week, and I'm not sure it would be wise for my son to pile on even more weight-lifting than that. (However, I'm also not sure that he'd be interested in taking tennis, golf, or volleyball.) No ballroom dancing at his school - drat! Wink
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