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Do college recruiters and pro scouts really pay much attention to the Perfect Game showcase events and the online reporting? Is it worth it?
YES and YES. Both college recruiters and pro scouts have mention son's performance at PG events. Many of them attend in person; others receive evaluation and ranking information sent out by PG and BA.

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Well Pug is here again. It is time for the annual review of Perfect Game - or is it InPerfect Game - oh well. Last time we presented our cold hard fact - the infomation got all the way to Iowa - guess that is the best way to talk to them - and did they talk - talk about John Kerry not telling the trutn - well you have not seen anything yet. The president wants to know what foreign leaders John Kerry talked too - I want to know what collges in the US really care about PG's stats - see here we go again - I know the truth - and so do you.
bballonly - From us, an emphatic YES! clap

Our son signed with Stanford. When the coach (and other coaches from other schools) came into our living room, he specifically mentioned our son's showing at a PG event. He was recruited by many other schools based on an initial assessment at PG events as well.

From there, based on PG's and others recommendations, he was invited to the USA Jr. National Team trials and eventually made the team.

Perfect Game is a great tool for HS players to utilize in fulfilling their dreams. They are not the only tool, but they are a respected and very valuable one. I have nothing but tremendous respect and gratitude towards them.

"The only people I ever felt intimdated by in my whole life were Bob Gibson and my daddy," Dusty Baker.

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If a college or university wants to complement their recruiting efforts by getting an opinion about someone that they might not have seen, PG is an excellent source of information.

While I still think that their events are pitcher-oriented, if you've got a few bucks and your son is a "player", you should get him seen by PG.

Not sure exactly what Pug feels or why he feels that way. Once again, PG is not for everyone. Showcases are not for everyone. I've seen several college baseball sites that SPECIFICALLY state a kids national ranking according to PG or Team One in their recruiting bios.

It worked for my get some recruiter's eyes on him.
Can't confirm about the use of the on-line reports. I personally think they are probably used as an additional tool for the coaches.

But can confirm that scouts are at PG events and that is the most important thing a showcase can offer. If scouts are in attendance and son performs the on-line report is gravy. When scouts see it in person they can make thier own judgement.

Ex: at south prospect showcase at Baylor last july, by my observation almost all DI schools in Texas were represented along with many others
Beenthere makes an excellent point about pg showcasing pitchers. However, from a business standpoint it is really the only position that you can spotlight and at the same time promote the other position players in the short period of time alloted at a showcase. Yes there are the 60's, infield/outfield drills, bp, but I think many times recruiters and scouts like to see what a player can do when put on the spot against a pitcher also on the spot in a game like situation. Pitcers also represent the largest position recruited due to needs. No one does this better than PG, and the number of potential times they can see a kid qualifies them to give an more accurate accessment. This is no rip on T1 or any other showcase, but, PG because of the year round events has qualified itself as the best reference in town.
Our son attended a PG ID showcase and it was a big booster. If nothing else, it showed our son could compete in the big ocean, with other big fish. I have nothing but respect and admiration for PG, they are very professional. IMO scouts and colleges routinely use PG and their reports. They are all over at the events. We definetly plan on attending more showcases. Did our son do great? Nope, but he definetly got over the butterflys and will be much better at the next event. I agree they are pitcher oriented, and with our son a Left Handed pitcher, this can't be all bad.
Thanks Btil. We're looking forward to the experience. The early summer date works well for us - he should hopefully be peak condition by then.
Basketball team going so deep in season has set him back about a month or so behind others - maybe that will be a positive later in summer, for now just trying to play catch up.

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