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Im a coach in Maine who has a stand out 2016 centerfielder who wants to play college and is thinking of doing some showcases in the next couple years. Ive checked out the PG website and it looks like they have 2 showcases in Mass and 1 in NJ. Mass isnt too far away for us, and the kid has family he can stay with in NJ, so that is a realistic option as well. does anyone have experience with either or both of these events and can recommend 1 over the other? or are they pretty similar? does 1 attract more attention than the other? I have 0 experience with showcases other than research ive done online, so any info would be helpful. thanks!

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I'm going to be a bit of a geographical snob in our conversation. It doesn't mean I'm right or wrong. I lived in the Portland area when I was younger. I still have friends there. So I'm not oblivious to the state. I will admit I stopped following Maine sports online when the last of my friend's kids finished high school about five years ago. 


I believe your school is a small high school somewhere in the Bangor area. What are you comparing him against to decide his talent level? There are very few kids leaving the state of Maine to play D1 ball. The few who do tend to come from the large high schools in Southern Maine. It takes a very talented high school player to even play for D3s Southern Maine or Saint Joseph's. How would your player compare to the former Maine players at these schools? Even these two programs recruit a majority of their players from out of state.


Your player may be all world and ready to move on. I'm just trying to get some perspective on the situation. There are three kids from Maine currently playing for Boston College. There's Cronin from Scarborough, Collucci from Deering and Fernandes from Marshwood? How does your player stack up against them? BC is the ACC. But it's a bottom feeder in the conference. 


Have you watched Maine play recently. Does your player have the potential to play at that level? That's America East baseball.


These are things you should be able to evaluate before sending the player off spending the kind of money it costs for showcases. Are any of the umpires in your league associate scouts? If so, that would be a place you could get an evaluation. Umpires see a lot of ball. An associate scout could probably tell you if the kid should attend an event to compete with D1 prospects.


Does anyone know if D2 and D3 programs send coaches to the PG events in New England? I wouldn't be surprised if Franklin Pierce does. But they're a top ranked D2.


There is a place for your player to play college ball. It's a matter of spending money wisely to find it. It might be better for the player to make a list of colleges he might like to play baseball (a reality list, not a wish list), contact them via email, express interest and ask what showcases can he get in front of them. 

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