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Unless the team is absolutely loaded with studs and more importantly, arms. I wouldn't bother booking the extra night. You have to go 7-0 or 6-1 to advance and it is set up where there is already top team in each pool. 

Also, they actually play 7 games in 6 days with the first round of the playoffs starting on Wed. So when he played for a lesser known team we booked Wednesday flights.  

When he played for the big boy program we stayed the extra night and booked a late Thurs night flight. His last WWBA they went to the quarterfinals and I was on the phone in the middle innings looking for a place to stay so he could stay for the semis and finals the next day. Of course as soon as I found a room they blew a lead in the bottom of the 7th then again in the 10th. 

Book for what it necessary, you can always find a way to make something else work if you make the playoffs. 

Not only did we stay for the 7 days, my son stayed another week to play in the 18U tournament.  I used every last Marriot point I had for our hotel, and then some.    My wife and son drove down to East Cobb to play in the 16U tournament (which they won) then my wife flew out of Atlanta.   At the same time, I was flying in from Virginia (I saw my wife briefly at the airport) and then I headed to East Cobb watching son play in the PG WWBA 18U tournament.   After the tournament, we drove home.   It was a lot of baseball.  It seemed like if my son wasn't playing baseball, he was either eating or sleeping.  I watched a lot of Wimbledon on the hotel TV that year 

We did spend a little time watching some of the other teams and players we heard about.   It was at the PG WWBA National Championships that my son realized he could compete at a high level, but he was not elite talent watching some of the mid-90s and 100mph guys that some teams could trot out.  It was also a time where my son would be introduced by a family friend to a HC (in his future conference) that would begin recruiting and checking in on him regularly.  He exposed us to many things we hadn't considered.

If you have some extra time at PG WWBA do some networking and observing.   It was well worth it for us.

As always, JMO.

Depending on the age and number of teams playoffs will begin Mon or Tuesday. If you don't bring a TON of arms, you can definitely leave early. A lot of the hotels will allow you to go day to day beyond Mon/Tues if you ask, given you're staying in a tourney hotel probably.

Same with AirBnB if you give them enough notice and lead to say we might check out Mon or Tues or Wed......


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