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I know this should be posted in the Showcase Forum, but I wanted to be sure that everyone saw this.

PG events have never dissapointed me. They are always run professionally and FIRST CLASS. My son participated in the PG Pre-Draft Showcase in Cedar Rapids on May 17th and the event went off without a hitch. The weather cooperated, the stadium was beautiful and there were scouts EVERYWHERE!!

If you ever get invited to attend one of these events, please go. Thanks, PG, for all you do to help our kids.
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I don't see where he edited his post so perhaps at least this time you came down a little hard on him.

I do notice that PG's sever is hiccupping a little when you bring up the individual player's profile. As a person in the technology business, I know servers can be a little tempermental every once in a while. I'm sure it will be working fine soon. May just need to be rebooted.

I'm impressed they have this info up so soon after the event.
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Whatever !!! It is what it is--I just edited this post three times and no indication of it--what does that mean?

All I know three tries took me to an ad

What can I tell you now I get right there

By way, you are quite right about PG-- the profiles were posted before the event--they always do a great job
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FYI. TR & Frank are both correct. I noticed that the site utilities have changed recently. You can now edit your post for some specific period of time without the "This message has been edited" notation being added. However, the edit message still appears if you go back and edit an older post. I couldn't find any help info on how long you have to correct your spelling, or whatever, before the rest of us know you goofed! Smile
It has been that way for quite a while. I think it is polite to note where you've edited a post if you make any significant changes in the content. The immediate edit notification was turned off so that people like myself who mess up often could fix typos and the like without having the edited message show up.

I was surprised to see how many older players were on the list.
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