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Climb Camelback Mountain or Squaw Peak, or better yet, both of them. Drive up South Mountain (slowly). Catch two spring training games (day-night) on certain days (at two different ball parks). Drive to the parks where you don't see games, just to take a look (there are nine of them -- add Packard Stadium at ASU to make it an even 10). Have dinner at Giuseppe's at the southwest corner of Scottsdale Road and Thunderbird. Take a half-day and drive up to Sedona (for lunch and back). Hit the club scene one night in Scottsdale.
The time it takes getting to Peoria or Surprise from Scottsdale is highly dependent on the time of day you're traveling and the number of people in your vehicle. The commuter lanes on all of the freeways pretty much fly any time of day. The 101 will move along pretty well outside of rush hours. Still getting to Peoria or Surprise will take more then 15 min from anywhere in Scottsdale.

It is a great time to be here, great weather and lots to do outside.
When we went, we enjoyed observing practices much more than watching the games. If we go again, we won't go to any games....just the practices around the different locations. You get closer to the players, can pick up balls/broken bats, autographs, and really watch what they work on. Especially at the big complexes like Surprise and Peoria.
I think the best time to go is when the players first report(many come a week or 2 early and start working out) there are no crowds you get to the practice fields about 10 am. There were a about 10 people on a couple bleachers watching practice.
If you leave the players alone you can basically go where ever you want.
Once the crowds start showing up the areas are roped off and security people are at the complex and limit your access
Just look like you know someone and know where your going Smile

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