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Some of it is personal preference but there are some things you should do :          1) put a jacket on to keep your arm warm. 2) hydrate.                                                         3) talk to your PC & catcher about who you will face next inning & how to pitch them.      As for warm up pitches - 4 from the stretch and 4 from the windup.  Half the pitches in every bullpen should be from the stretch as well. Learn your body and pay attention to what it says to you.                                                    

It all depends. If it's looking to be a long inning and you feel like doing some throwing, grab someone and do that.

If you prefer to light throw regardless, then go for it.

Everybody is going to have different preferences, and things could change based on how you're feeling, temperature, how long the inning is going, etc... so, bottom line, find out what works best for you.

and in your pre-game bullpen - make sure you, legit, strike out 3 batters faced.
My son doesn't like his 1st inning so after/during warm up in the Pen he will pitch 1-2 innings worth of batters in the bull pen so his 1st inning on the mound is his 2nd or 3rd and he's warmed up and in the groove. Also need to see what kind of and where your breaking balls are that day so you know where to locate, for that day. Isn't always the same.

Warm up pitches with purpose and be fair to your catcher and throw a real pitch and real speed for their throw down. They're warming up with a game-like situation too. Don't be lazy and just lob it. (got that from a catchers dad)

As said above, everyone is different. Besides physical things mentioned above to stay warm and loose, get off your feet and rest.  Think about the good pitches you made the prior inning. Know where the other team is in their lineup and the game situation. Think about what pitches you threw them last time.  Talk to the catcher if he is not hitting on what he is seeing in the game. While sitting down and resting, focus on your breathing. Slow breath in on a four count, four breaths out on a four count.  Get mentally ready for the next inning.

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