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Pitchers Elite Winter Training Camp
presented by former Major League Pitcher - Pat Ahearne
There are secrets to outstanding pitching mechanics. Few know them. Fewer teach them.


In my Pitcher's Elite Winter Training Camp, I'll teach you these secrets.


This is the elite level coaching that will get you:




I am Pat Ahearne, former Major League Pitcher and current professional pitching coach.


Some highlights and credentials:
17 year Professional Player, 2000+ professional innings pitched INJURY-FREE
Starting & Winning Pitcher, College World Series Championship Game
Major Leaguer with Detroit Tigers
Professional coach since 2008
National Pitching Association (NPA) Level 5 Master Certified Coach


I'm here to coach pitchers to the next level in the


Now before you register for my camp, let me tell you what it does... so you know it's right for you.


How You'll Benefit as a player:
Learn the adjustments in YOUR pitching motion so going forward you can:
  1. Have better command of all your pitches
  2. Develop mechanics to reach your Max Potential Velocity
  3. Protect your arm from injury (Mechanics is one-third of the injury equation, I'll tell you the other two in the camp)
  1. Have a series of tools to coach yourself in games and practice

What you get:
Functional Fitness Workouts for Rotational Athletes (NPA Training Protocols)
Pitcher Specific Drills
Pitching Motion Assessment
Personalized bullpen lessons
Personalized Game Plan for development going forward



The Pitchers Elite Winter Training Camp
6 Workouts/Lessons over 3 weeks November 30 to December 19
2 age groups 13U and 14 & up
3 time slots available for each age group
6 spaces available per time slot


Mon & Wed 5-6pm (November 30 to December 17)
Tue & Thurs 6-7pm (December 1 to December 18)
Sat & Sun 12-1 (December 5 to December 20)


14 & 18u
Mon & Wed 6-7pm (November 30 to December 17)
Tues & Thurs 5-6pm (December 1 to December 18)
Sat & Sun 4-5pm (December 5 to December 20)
Location: Diamond Kings Baseball Acadamy - 10550 John W Elliot Drive - Frisco TX 75033

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