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Our HS varsity team used 8 different guys over the course of our 23 regular season and post-season games. We had a 9th guy who used to pitch but is no longer used. We had two more guys who pitched some on JV last year but weren't used on varsity this year; one of them now focuses on catching, the other was out with a broken foot for a good part of the season or he probably would've gotten a shot at some point. So depending on how you look at it, there were between 8 and 11 guys on the roster who could lay claim to being pitchers.

127 out of 148 innings were thrown by 4 guys, though. The other 4 guys threw 9, 7, 4 and 1 innings, respectively. Two of them top out at 82-83 and the other two around 78.

And that was my point above -- our "average" pitcher never really gets to pitch at all. So if someone tells you an "average" pitcher throws 78, that may be true but it's also irrelevant. You don't get to see 78 mph fastballs in many game situations, unless you pay a visit to a JV game.

At least not around here. I don't know what the rest of you guys get to see. Maybe up north where it's cold all spring, you don't loosen up as well? Or maybe all that checking in your hockey games isn't so good for shoulder health?

Of the 4 guys who did most of the work, we have three RHP's, one tops out at 92, one at 85 and one at 81. The lefty tops out at 83.

There are seven teams in our district. The top team has a guy 87-89, senior on his way to a D-I scholarship slot at VMI. We finished second. Third place team has a RHP also 87-89, junior precommitted to UVA; also had a senior RHP 82-83. Fourth place team has a LHP 88-90, junior precommitted to UVA; also another junior RHP 82-83. Fifth place team has a LHP, 85-87, junior not yet committed, plus twin sophomore RHP's 82-83. Sixth and last place teams finished at the bottom precisely because they don't really have much pitching.

The kids throwing 80-84 need spot control and good off-speed stuff to succeed. And don't get me wrong, there are kids who do that and do it well. In fact, some of them could teach a thing or two to some of the harder throwers. But there's no throwing it by anyone at that speed around here.
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Nolan, that is good stuff at age 15.

You should set a goal of increasing your velocity 3 mph each of the next two years. This is a matter of growth, conditioning and mechanics. Not everyone is genetically wired to do it, but it can be done and so you should set a goal to work towards. You might even surprise yourself and surpass it.

Then try to add another 2 mph going into your senior year. Next thing you know you're an upper '80's guy with a full repertoire of offspeed stuff. Lots of colleges will want you then!
Originally posted by kbsbll30:
For all the pitchers how old are you? How many pitches do you have? What are your pitches? How hard do you throw?
i have 5 pitches, 4 seam fastball at about 90 mph, 2 seam fastball at about 85 with good movement, a decent 12-6 curveball, a deadly slider, and a cirlce change at about 70 mph, i am going to be a senior in high school next year, true junior though, i will only be 17 years old
I'm 15 and a freshman. I throw 6 pitches depending on how they work I'll drop some during a day. I throw a 2 seam that I either let go over the top so it flys straight or I'll drop my arm down a little to get it to tail away from a lefty. I throw a cutter, a 12-6 curveball, change-up, slider, and a weird pitch that I made up(I know it sounds bad) but it works and it's got the motion of a slider only it goes the oppostie direction so on a left handed hitter a drops and curves away from him. And I throw somewhere between 69-73
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im 15 a sophmore n i throw a 2 seam, circ chng, n slider, n i cruise around 82-86, n i have reached 88, but im woundering if i should throw my 4 seam, because i use to mix up my 4 n 2 seam but i only have been throwin my 2 seam lately n i have been real succesful but i know i probably can throw harder with my 4 seam but just wounderin about some peoples opinions on things
Originally posted by Midlo Dad:
In our district (7 teams, AAA), we have one kid who throws 90-92 and four who are in the 85-89 range. There are any number of kids in the 81-84 range. At the low end of that range you will get pummeled unless you have Maddux-type control, movement or off-speed stuff. (Or maybe just a classic "crafty southpaw".) In high school, it's easier to find hard throwers than Maddux types. Lots of big strong kids, but it would be expecting a lot to demand that a teenager truly master the art.

Midlo dad just curious were your from? I play in the southeastern district (AAA) and you basically described our district.
I just recovered from a tendon injury from over pitching. Currently I am only pitching mid seventies while I try and build up my arm, especially endurance.

I Throw a 4s fastball, slider, and a circle change with a sinker under development. My fastball has slight movement to it and I have very good placement with it. I am a junior in highschool and I expect to be hitting 80 atleast once I fully recover.

I've never relied on speed to strike anyone or get the groundout. I simply out think the batter and have him guessing.

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