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I think everyone means Tuff-Toe (tuff You can buy the stuff they use, but I'd always sent them the shoe after filling out their form. I'm not very good with calking, so I was pretty sure I'd make a mess of it...

I did this for juco, but Arkansas took care of this internally. In juco, Trev had a hot spot on the side of the shoe that was a bigger problem than the toe, you just mark it on the form and the put the stuff there too.

Here's the link to the custom order form ($27): Tuff-Toe Custom Order

@mjd-dad posted:

I send my son's shoe to .

I never wanted to mess with the chemicals with the DIY mode.
Without it, my son's toe drag will shred a shoe in 2-3 weeks.

Thank you!!!! I have been looking for something like this. We have gone through so many cleats. I have tried doing the Tuff Toe myself (YouTube makes it look way easier than it looks). The finished product comes out all lumpy and uneven. Sounds like I need to find his cleats for high school season and send them off.

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