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Originally posted by The_Riot:
Are umpires usually strict on this rule? And what exactly makes a two tone glove? Different leather color or if the laces are a different color does the constitute as two tone also?

This probably deserves a bit of clarification....

The NFHS rule 1-3-6 says a glove that includes the colors of white or grey shall be removed from the game upon discovery by either team or umpire....

it is the use of the colors of white or grey that makes a two-tone glove not legal....So that in effect makes all the black and tan, tan and brown, blue and red gloves legal for use by pitchers....

Your tan glove with burgundy laces is not a two tone glove for the purpose of this rule.
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It's a pretty obscure rule. I vaguely remember hearing about it but have never seen it called. At the youth baseball level, even with leagues that utilize MLB rules, such a rule would probably never be enforced. Kids at the 12-15 year age group play multiple positions and that glove is used for more than just pitching.

Since there is no knowlege of the rule as a kid playing at the junior level there probably isn't any knowlege of the rule once the kiddo gets to high school, or even college.
It's not obscure at all. In fact, of the nine items specifically listed as infractions by a pitcher, six of them (including the rule in question here) relate to not distracting the hitter, either by defacing the ball or by wearing items that could be distracting. I enforce them all the time (especially that Roger Clemens glove with the gold signal mirror for a label).

I imagine that if those rules were not on the books, pitchers would soon resemble Christmas trees out there.
This is clearly not an obscure rule....

all 3 major rule sets have this rule....

NFHS 1-3-6

a pitcher whose glove that includes the colors white or grey shall be removed from the game upon discovery by either team or umpire.

NCAA 1-13c Ar-2

The pitchers glove may not be white or grey

OBR 1.15a

The pitchers glove, exclusive of piping, may not be white or grey

I have no working knowledge of LL rules....this is a rule that HS/college players/coaches and Umpires are clearly aware of.....
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It is no more obscure than the jewelry rule but both bring looks of shock when enforced. The relaxing of the rule was allowing multible colored gloves as long as there was no grey or white and the colors weren't distracting. If anything Fed tightened it a couple of years ago when they said even if the white/grey is only the laces or the logo it had to go.

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