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Being somewhat new to the HS arena and very new to the playoff situation can someone tell me how the playoff's are set-up (in regards to 8 -5A and so on).

How do they arrange the first set of games? Where can I find a listing of playoff games and pairing and when is that available? Is each level 1 game or a 3 game series and at what/if any point does that change.

Thank you an insight/assistance on this is greatly appreciated.
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This is always an intriguing part of the postseason. Unless things have changed, there are 9-10 different items that the coaches need to agree on when determining the makeup of a series....and if agreement is difficult to come by, then coin flips occur. After the local rounds are complete, these "coin flips" may have to occur over the phone -- a sure source of texas (urban) legend. In '02, Plano East hosted a one-game "series" at our field when Coach English asked the Marshall coach whether the zip code of some poduck west texas town ended in an odd or even number. Smile

Obviously, the key issues are 1) one or three game series, 2) site (home & home, neutral site, or combination), 3) umpires -- usually divided between home/2nd & 1st/3rd, 4) game dates & times (Thu, Fri, Sat -- or Fri, Sat DH, etc.). In addition, there are issues like what baseballs to use.

A coach friend of mine once had to participate in 10 coin flips -- versus a particularly belligerent coach that was quite displeased with the idea of a one-game series. Strange things happen.

Others -- post the stories you've heard -- some are quite intriging.

PantherSon struggled a bit against Michael Russo -- 5 consecutive K's over the two games -- but did hit a 2-run homer in his 6th AB (the odds were in his favor). Russo had a lot of success against PE this year. He is a good pitcher. Choate picked up a save for Lewisville as we stranded the tying run at 3rd base in the 7th.

PantherSon also gave up 2 hits to FM on Saturday while relieving in the 7th -- but surrendered 4 runs -- earned/unearned? ummm, open for debate -- and not really that important anyway. Stephen Richards pitched an excellent game against Italiano, Gaviglio, and the JAGS. He actually pitched well in both losses to FM.

Plano East is young -- I think the kids will benefit from this year, despite the ups and downs.

Good luck to the 3 D8 teams in May -- an all D8 regional final is not as bizarre as it sounds.

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