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I agree, sounds like any other showcase.

Your son is a '24, right?  So this is his recruiting summer.  Hopefully he has contacted schools of interest, with his information.  If a school shows interest, ask where your son can be seen by them.  Most likely they will say "come to our camp".  But you can ask about this and other showcases, if the schools he's interested in are on the list.

This showcase is mostly made up of D2s and D3s, and they actively recruit during 17U summer.  My son went to a PBR showcase at the start of his 17U summer, a lot of schools were there, he got a bunch of D3 calls afterward, from schools he had not previously contacted.  So certainly, just going to a showcase can generate interest if it has the right mix of schools.

The other thing to try to gauge is whether this one will be well-run.  HSBBW has many stories of terrible showcases.  We went to a pretty bad one once, they mixed up my son's 60-time with the guy running next to him who was much slower.  I don't think it made any difference to his recruiting, but it was a big waste of time and money.

Wanted to share feedback for anyone that may consider a Power Swing Showcase in the future.

Location was good, even covered seating options for spectators.

The time had to start earlier due to the number of participants (135). Check-in took forever...this is an area of improvement. Basically two people checking in and finding number bibs in a messy pile didn't help. The schedule alloted for 1 hour of checking in time, but it took about 90 minutes for everyone. PO's were supposed to arrive at 11, within expected 11:30 start time. We left around 12:30 and they were still finishing up BP.

60s. Two ran at a time. Hand timed. Not sure if it was 1 attempt or 2. Looked like1.

OF velos. In RF, fed choppy grounders. Two throws to 3B. Two throws to home.

IF velos. Wasn't paying the best attention. Also appears 4 throws is what you got.

BP. Ten balls. Had pocket radar on continuous read hooked up to a larger digital display so everyone could see EV. Son said the guy was throwing it in there more than he expected. Same guy threw for all...kudos to him! Pocket radar frequently didn't always pick up EV though. My son's best hit didn't get picked up.

Lots of door prizes. Son didn't win any.

64 programs were supposedly there. Did appear to have many, but I'm not sure if all showed. One D1 program I saw sent a student intern, not surprisingly. Saw a head Juco coach there.

There were a handful of juco players participating.

Son made leaderboards, but his numbers were slightly worse than normal. Not sure if that's because they had too few attempts or if it's because he wasn't 100%. (Chose to participate at not 100% because it was too late for a refund. Not sure if it was the right decision or not.)

Would participate again, but probably won't. We plan now to target schools directly at school run camps.

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