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I would say who ever came up with this list should go back to the drawing board. Kids on the list that are very good players but did not have a good year last year and players that are very good players and a very good year last year. Or Bear if you are saying that this is a partial list do not post it if you are not going to post the compleate list.
Bear who is Mr. Murray because if you are talking about me cup shot that is not my name. Who i am is just a dad that took a look at your list and noticed that there are a good number of kids from Maryland that you did not list. Also I think it is not wise to assume you think you know who someone is from a post on a message board. You know the old saying don't you Bear. By the way thanks for the welcome to HS web site. I find this site has alot of great info on it.
Originally posted by Coach Selmer:
Although I have a bias, Matt Selmer, a junior at Riverdale Baptist, is certainly a player to watch in 2010 and most likely 2009. He lead the Crusaders in wins as a skinny 155lb sophmore going 10-1, while also throwing the teams only no-hitter.

That's good stuff! Congrats to him! It's always great to have another fine young player to keep tabs on. Best wishes for a great spring season!

PS - if he needs help with putting weight on, I can definitely help him with that. I gain 5 lbs just looking at a picture of a chocolate cake! Smile
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How are you? Last time I spoke with your Dad you were at UVA! Hope you and your brothers are doing well! Congratulate G on his great season! Stop and see us over the Holidays if you are in the area!!
Can't beat Tampa/St Pete!
Bear is making a Florida Swing right now!1 Maybe you can catch up with him! Jacksonville wa shis last WhereaboutS!! Don;t worry we will try to keep him in good health!!

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