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Now that mine have moved on to college I don't follow it as much as I used to.  A person would think a school the size of Pinkerton would always be able to field a competitive team, but it appears by your post perhaps not this year.  I do know a coupe of people with kids that play for Concord - any idea how they should look?

Looks like from playoff results I see that the change to only include the top 70% of teams in a division in the playoffs has resulted in essentially the top seeds being the ones "surviving" into the semis.  No more 16 v 1 upsets because 16 has one pitcher and they were able to win 5 games.  No more 30 team bracket D3 too! I also see Hopkington in D4 - wow - my recollection was they were always a good D3 team. Oh well, I guess times change... Maybe it's because @9and7  doesn't have any more kids in the Hopkington pipeline !

In any case, maybe the NHIAA has learned from the mistakes of the past... 

Hey John - it's great to hear from you again on the board.  You're correct - 7 graduated last year so no more of mine in the pipeline.  They were a final 4 team in D3 last year, dropped down to D4 this year.  In fact, I think they were final 4 in D3 for 2015 and 16 after winning the state championship in 2012.  The fact is, however, they were always the smallest of the 30 or so schools in D3, it's really been a D4 school in terms of size for years.  I believe the D3/4 cutoff is 325 students.  The school is around 270, maybe less.  Perennial D3 power Campbell looking very tough to beat again this year.  Hope things are well in your neck of the woods these days, take care. 

I lurk, but in other forums mostly...  Still hard to let those NE roots go - been away almost 2 years now.  Currently house hunting on a beach in FL... We probably have a year left in Charlotte, NC.  My middle son will graduate from UNC Chapel Hill Law next year. The youngest sadly (in a way) decided school wasn't for him. It's been a hard year for us trying to help him find his way.  Obviously you know I was poking fun at the drop for Hopkingon. Props for the coach for moving up when he had the talent though. Not every coach in the state would do that - in fact I think many would fight it.  As for Campbell - the current crop of kids were pretty strong all the way through youth ball and on various AAU teams. Not sure if they're Jrs or Srs though. From what I recall before I left though the pipeline might be a bit dry after them though.  You never know - depends on who moves in (or they can recruit - hahaha).

Nice to read in various other parts of the forum that your boys are doing well. It's great to see NH kids "make it"!

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