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Driveline Premier Pitchers Bootcamps are single-day sessions where pitchers of all ages are taught advanced concepts of throwing and pitching using cutting edge techniques. This bootcamp was designed for the athlete who wants an introduction to elite training and is willing to work hard and think critically about pitching training and mechanics for the rest of their lives.


Many of our clients who will be moving on to big-time Division-I schools (Oregon State, New Mexico, Seattle University, UTPA, Harvard) have gone through this same process and continued training in our Elite Pitching Program to further hone their skills.


Here’s what Trevor Bauer – UCLA Golden Spikes winner and 3rd pick of the 2011 draft – had to say about us:

“I met Kyle in December of 2012 while attending the Ultimate Pitching Coaches Bootcamp at the Texas Baseball Ranch. I was impressed with his knowledge and love for research and have since been fortunate enough to spend 3 days training with him in Seattle. Besides being one of the best follows on Twitter, the knowledge I picked up from Kyle has and will continue to prove invaluable in my pursuit of becoming the best pitcher I can be. His understanding of what movement patterns and training modalities lead to a healthy and durable pitcher is truly world class.”

Parents of our program love it, too. Here’s what Herb Good had to say:

“Herbie started the program throwing 71 MPH in the fall of 2012. Kyle got my 16-year old son throwing 88 MPH after six months of training. Herbie never complains about arm pain, soreness, or fatigue, and can regularly throw 100+ pitches if asked to do so – and he’s throwing the next day without a problem.”

(Herbie has since touched 92 MPH as a junior at Auburn Mountainview!)

In this information-packed single-day premier-levelthree-hour course, you’ll learn about:

  • Proper movement prep and warm-up protocols to activate your throwing muscles and keep you healthy
  • The real story about pitching mechanics and how they relate to injury
  • Explosive and SAFE weighted baseball circuits to help teach you a more efficient arm action to increase velocity and durability
  • How we modified the popular long toss program to help refine your mechanics as you develop distance
  • Elements of strength and conditioning to build a bigger motor
  • How hitters REALLY perceive pitches – and how to upset their timing

The action-packed bootcamp will be broken up into three sections:

  • Circuit-based programming to teach exercises and drills
  • Throwing-specific activities including mound-based work to evaluate pitching and throwing mechanics
  • Classroom discussion to review material and see examples of professional and collegiate pitchers getting guys out

All participants will receive:

  • An information-packed handout as a printed copy and electronic PDF copy with lists of drills and exercises
  • High-speed video of their pitching mechanics available as a digital download (worth $65 alone)
  • A one-time discount on Driveline Baseball merchandise (Elite Weighted Baseballs, Velocity Resistance Bands, etc – all available for purchase on site)
  • Specific instruction on their pitching mechanics and long toss mechanics by Kyle Boddy and his assistants (all pitchers are guaranteed to get personalized instruction from Kyle directly while pitching)

Sign up today – only 24 spots per camp to ensure individual instruction! 


This camp will run at the Northwest Sports Complex / Driveline Baseballfacility on 239 W. Stewart Ave in Puyallup, WA  from 8 AM – 11 AM. Please arrive 15 minutes early for registration. Parking available on the street, the lot across the street, and the lot behind the building.


Sign up in person OR sign up online:


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