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Does anyone use these? If so, what kind? Just found out I have a stigmatism, and contacts are not an option. Looking for a "wrap around" style where my eyelashes don't hit the lens, with either 1. interchangeable (clear & dark) prescription lenses, 2. clear prescription lenses that you can attach sunglass lenses to, or 3. prescription transition lenses (that automatically change from clear to dark).

What works best? Do they even make any of these 3 kinds? Never had glasses before.
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Originally posted by Vicarious Dad:
Get contacts and you can wear any sunglasses you want.

Contacts are not an option. They would need to be gas-filled contacts that I would need to wear all the time to get used to them.

I don't need or want to wear them all the time, so I want the glasses
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Good luck, I had asked about a wrap around type of prescription sunglasses and was told that was not an option in prescription lenses.

I use a fitover type of sunglasses which literally fitover the prescription sunglasses, and give the wraparound effect of blocking sunlight from the temple areas. They are used by hunters/outdoorsmen, you can find them at Cabellas and Gander Mountain stores, and their online sites.
Some insurance companies will pay a certain amount toward sunglasses even without prescriptions. Since my husband didn't need glasses (he's got contacts) but wanted sunglasses he was able to use his frame allotment from the insurance comany toward sunglasses. Saved us a good amount on some really nice sunglasses. I know yours is a specific case, but just want you to know that sometimes insurance companies will pay an amount even if they are not prescriptions.
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