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Amount of experience necessary in the minor leagues to be ready for the big leagues

Originally posted by bbscout:
For a position player, all of the tools need to be refined. For a pitcher.......same thing. Most young hitters and pitchers need about 3-5 years in the minor leagues to get them ready to be an everyday performer in the big leagues. For a hitter, that is about 2000 AB's and for a starting pitcher it is about 450-600 innings.

The position player needs to learn how to make the routine plays and the pitcher needs to learn how to command both sides of the plate. When they get to this point, they are getting to the point where they can play in the big leagues. Making a routine play may sound easy, but you need to be able to do it every day for six months. If you look at the stats of some of our great stars, they made an awful lot of errors at some of their stops in the minor leagues and an error is a ball judged to be routine that was messed up.

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I am happy you guys enjoyed this thread as it was kind of serendipitously created. I remembered something about 2000 at bats and bbscout the other day so I used the advance search feature and lo and behold, about a 1/2 dozen other interesting threads came up with the keyword 2000 in it Figured there was some cosmic meaning to it so I created the thread from my haphazard search.

When I first started lurking here, it didn't take me long to figure out who bbscout was. He did not post all the much but he was a legend around here. I have said it before but I miss him. I am afraid we shall not see his like again.
CD, Thank you for posting this...this forum is so informative and I have spent countless hours reading through old threads and new ones. The wealth of information on here is so priceless to everyone who has the dream and desire to play baseball at the next level, it is just amazing.
The quote below from bbscout is so true.

The guy who is afraid to chase the rainbow sure won't be a big leaguer.

Let me add my thanks for sharing these postings by bbscout. I eventually read all threads and there is timeless knowledge shared in these postings. He was not afraid to state his beliefs from a perspective of someone who's seen it all in baseball. bbscout sure could state his thoughts in an easy to understand and no nonsence way without seeming confrontational. We could use his presence and outlooks on this board now. I will be sure to share these with my sons and wife.

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