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Please offer your thoughts, advice, and if you know if this is correct on the following.

My son a 4-2-4 qualifier guy is now at juco starting year 2 soph with 32 credits. He was medical hardship (redshirt) for year 1 at D1 college. We were concerned about being progress eligible at future D1/D2 if he plays 2 years at juco. He has been advised by the juco that he can play 2 years and still remain progress eligible at a future D1 by implementing the following strategy:

He will not trigger the progress rule of 60% (72 credits towards major) if he goes part time his last fall semester at juco by say taking 11 credits. (for juco eligibilty he has to have 24 credits by spring of year 3, 11 in fall and 13 from previous spring to total 24) They assert that going to D1 4 yr school he will not trigger the 60 % progress until after he finishes his 6th full time semester, which will be after his fall semester at the 4 yr D1 college. So, their plan is he will have 60 credits from juco AA degree, plus 6 credits of foreign language (which goes towards 4 yr major) from juco year 3, plus 12 credits from fall full time semester 6 at 4 year D1, for a total of 78 credits, 6 more than the min of 72 needed for progress. In other words, the progress of 60% 72 credits gets triggered after he finishes his 6th full time semester at the 4 yr D1 college. Therefore, after fall semester of his 4th year he will be eligible progress wise and get to play 2 seasons of college baseball. I know I may have been confusing however does this work for the D1 4 yr college?????

Please share your thoughts and questions if any.

Thank you,
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This scenario will, as stated, trigger the 60% rule at the beginning of the spring semester of his 4th year in college ( It isn't clear however that he will actually have met the requirement that he "shall have completed successfully at least 60 percent of the course requirements in the student’s specific degree program. ...... The course requirements must be in the student’s specific degree program (as opposed to the student’s major).

Can the JC offer courses in his third year that are transferrable to the second 4 year school and are acceptable to his "specific degree program"? Plenty of college students start their 4th year of full time enrollment, have scads of credit hours, but are behind in taking the specific courses needed for their particular degree program. One way for this to happen is to change degree programs, but another way is spend a 3rd year at a JC, since JCs typically doesn't offer courses suitable for the third year of a degree program. I suppose that 4 year schools vary in the amount of flexibility given to students in choosing courses, so it probably depends on his second 4 year school.

One other thing, and I recommend checking with the NCAA about it. D1 baseball has special rules, and says "Exception—Baseball. In baseball, a student-athlete who is ineligible under this provision at the beginning of an institution’s fall term shall not be eligible during the remainder of the academic year." Additionally, there is also a 40% rule for players entering their 3rd year, and I guess he'll be subject to it when he enters the second 4 year school. You'll want to make sure that he can meet the 40% requirement. I don't think this will be an issue, but he should check.

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