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Since the boards are shutting down soon, just letting everyone in Texas know about Prospect, an independant film that has really been supported by the posters here on HSbaseball web. There is a long thread about the film in the Recruiting section on these boards if you want to check it out and the website is . We have been doing a free shipping special, which was taken down this afternoon, but since the boards are going down, I put the free shipping back on until the end of hsbbw. Thanks to all those people from Texas who have gotten the movie and emailed or posted about it,

Rick Stephenson
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Yep, it's good! Covers all the bases, so to speak. Son & I thoroughly enjoyed it!
A good sequel might be following a few guys in the minors, along with tips, etc from coaches, trainers, front office personnel, back offise folks, etc.
Or the same type from a college players perspective...
Food for thought...
Hey baseballmom,

Yes, those are definitely directions I'm looking at taking. The college thing is hard because the ncaa has so many rules. I've got another project in the works (actually start shooting next week) and hopefully another by the end of the year.

Also, I don't know if anyone has ever heard of John Boggs, but he's a bigtime agent for guys like Mark Prior, Tony Gwynn, Jack McKeon, ect. He recently gave his endorsement for Prospect which is kind of cool.

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