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My name is Joey Starling and I am an incoming senior at the IB at Bartow High School. My mom enjoys this site, and I know she has learned a good bit on here that she has shared with my dad and I. I am hoping some of you might be able to help me. Currently I am working on my extended essay, a component of my Theory of Knowledge course. I am researching the psychological effects of athletic competition on the competitive athlete. While I am a baseball player I am more familiar with team sports, but I am researching the effects of individual sports on the athlete as well. I am studying factors such as athletic level of success, pressure to maintain success, injury, ***, and education level. I am doing pretty well on my research, but I also have a questionnaire I would like to give to any of you who might fit my need. I have a 10 question survey for coaches and counselors of athletes and an 11 qustion survey for athletes. It would not take much time. As I play high school and travel ball I have plenty of high school aged athletes already. I would really like to give the survey to any coaches or counselors that work with high school, college, or professional players. And of course I would love to survey any college or professional players as well. As I said, this isn't limited to baseball. If you know of any other college or professional level athlete that would take a quick survey I would be very happy to forward the survey. It would not take long and would be very beneficial for me. If you think you would like to take the survey you can send my mother (smalltownmom) a message with your email address. I can send you my cover letter and questionnaire as a word document. My finished product is due in October, but I hope to have all of my data collected by Labor Day. I will be happy to share my results with you when I complete the project.

Hopefully I didn't bore any of you too much. Thanks!
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That sounds like a great project, and I'm certain that you'll get a strong response from members of this website.

The International Baccalaureate curriculum is a heck of a challenge, and you're to be commended for tackling it. I did a quick check of your Perfect Game profile, and it indicates that you've committed to Stanford. You're to be commended for that, as well. You've chosen a great university and corresponding baseball program! (Although, don't tell "justbaseball" on this site that I admitted that!)

My son has recently accepted a college pitching coach's position. I've got to get his new email address; but, as soon as I do, I'll forward it to your mom so that you can forward your questionnaire to him.

All the best to you!
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