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I went to Florida and found myself being scouted. I was practicing my running at a HS complex, went to see the florida competition. A scout came and wanted to clock me.

I ran 3.77 just running 90 ft. Then a 3.85 "real" test where I hit with a bat and he said he starts it at contact with the ball then when foot hits first base.

He told me that many colleges would love to have me just for my speed. I am up in AK. Don't really get any attention. Maybe if I threw 90 or hit 450' bombs. But definately not for running.

He suggested I transfer down to a FL HS for my senior season and just go "crazy on the basepaths". Also work on my fielding, hitting.

This seems to me to be the best thing. But if I am unable to. Is there really any other options?

Please do not grill me about throwing, hitting, fielding. All that stuff. I know I have to work on that. I am working on it. But I realize that at this instant, running is what will allow me to get into a decent college. Hopefully everything else will come around some.

Thank you Very much.
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Thanks, I think.

Should of played Football I guess. No Swinging, Fielding, just Running pretty much.

Showcases cost money though don't they? I don't have much money. I would rather spend my money getting out of AK and going to FL for the summer for baseball, rather then for 4-5 days down there then have to come back up here. I got a showcase invitation from Perfect Game, but it's like 500 Bucks. I don't have that kind of money on hand at this instant.


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