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can someone comment on the merits of having a recruiting DVD ? I've seen some and was not impressed with the hitting shots. They show your swing but dont show the whole field so that you can see where the ball ends up. I understand these are mainly used to give schools/scouts an idea of your talents but are there better comapanies out there or are they all the same.
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Recruiting DVD's are beneficial to attempt to peak a coaches interest. You will not recieve a scholarship from a coach viewing a DVD. To put in job seeking terms, it is part of your "baseball resume" that is used to try to get a coach to "interview" you. If the coach likes what he sees he may be interested enough to watch a game to get more insight on a players ability.
I would not worry that the coach cannot see anything but swing mechanics. They will see more IF they ar e interested enough come out and watch a player play in a game.
Some tips on a video. Keep it fairly short, coach will only want to see 10-15 swings. That is enough for a coach to make a decision. Shoot most of the shots from the open side but add some from the behind the batter and behind the pitcher. You may wamt to shoot this yourself and then put the clip on Youtube and then Email the coach to reference it.
I have found that coaches get tons of videos a week and even the extra effort to open the package and put the DVD in the player sometimes is more work that coaches want to do. I know one coach in the VCR era who would just give the mounds of tapes to his players without even looking at them in case they wanted to record something. Although some coaches actually do look ay each one, which is another reason to keep it short. Being able to click on a link from an Email is significantly easier for a coach.
Plus if you do it this way it might save you a little money too.
I could go into even more detail on the recruiting process but do not want to get too long-winded.

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