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I am 6'2", 170lbs, 16 years old and a rising senior. Was all region last year and all region and all state this year. i throw 87-89 MPH, bat left handed and pretty fast. I play short primarily and then pitch. I really want to go to South Carolina University but i don't think they know anything about me. What should i do?
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Odds are if you made All State, they already know who you are, which will make your job easier. BTW, Congratulations.

Now you need to let them know you are interested in playing for them. Send a letter to the coach introducing yourself, then follow up with a phone call. See if your Head Coach will call them or send a letter of introduction.
Good advice,
USC season has not finished. They will be playing their conference tourney, then hopefully to regionals, then super regionals, then possibly the CWS. This is a very busy time for college coaches, they need to focus pretty much on just getting to Omaha.
Write a letter to the recruiting coordinator then do a follow up beginning of July. Don't forget to include an unofficial transcript.
Hope this helps.

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