Rock Solid Powered by Tucci Lumber is a baseball team bringing the best of the best together from up and down the East Coast, to compete in National Events. Playing with this team means you will be playing alongside some of the top baseball talent. You will be coached by individuals who have had success at both the collegiate and professional levels. The coaches, evaluators and support team include but are not limited to 2004 World Series Champion Trot Nixon, former pro players Fletcher Bates (NY Mets), Pete Gilardo (Boston RedSox), Michael Rooney (Orioles), Brad Mincey (Marlins), Kenny Flythe (Collegiate), Jason Roach (Inside Recruit), Willie James (Atlanta Braves), Vic Picone (LI Ducks), Chris Frey (Go Wags), Pete Tucci (Tucci Lumber).
This team is not designed to pull players from their current teams!! We believe in practicing and playing with your local teams! Practice is how you improve as a player! This team is to bring together players who are excelling and give them an opportunity to play better competition. Each player will play their season with their current teams. Each age group will play one qualifier, one Regional event and a third event will depend if the team wins the qualifier.
Players who make a team will receive:
·         Inside Recruit Package to help with your college recruiting process
·         Free video lesson to send to your coach, to help work on any area needed.
·         Player Evaluations from coaches after each event of what to work on and areas needed to improve. Showcase players will receive colleges that we believe they have an opportunity to play at, at the next level.
·         Professional Coaches who coach the entire game and teach the game the right way. Who also have connections for the next level.
·         Our Uniforms will be Nike head to toe!
Event Schedule/Cost per player:
  • Schedules will be sent to players who qualify for a team. 
  • Uniform Package: $105.00- includes Hat and 3 jerseys. We will wear white pants and navy belt.
How To Make A Team...
1) Call 910-452-5838 to schedule an hour private evaluation with one of our instructors. If you are not in our area, give us a call and we can set you up with an instructor that is closer to your area. Evaluations are $80.00 for the hour
2) Video Lesson: send us a clip of your player to Be sure to include throwing velocity, hitting/fielding, exit velocity with hitting.
3) Have your coach send us a recommendation and we can follow up with an evaluation.
Last summer our 14u Rock Solid Tucci finished 5-2 at the WWBA. As a team they finished in the top 3 in the tournament in team batting average with 9 players making the All-Tournament team! 


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