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in an earlier post baseballssj11 wrote: "I am from Wisconsin and there ar many players in the state that are not getting any attention. I know kids that are definately D1 material, but they don't get recognition. What should these players do to get noticed even though it is getting late? What attitude should they take in the recruiting process?"

Seems bogus too me as over the last 2-3 years the state has had many college players from the Hittters & the Blazers. Wisconsin Kids are currently playing ator signed to play at:

South Carolina, Arkansas, Clemson, UNLV, Purdue, NC State, UIC, UWM, Missouri, Duke, Emory (D3 Champion, UW-Whitewater, UW-Parkside, Carthage, Illinios State, Oshkosh, St Norberts, Western Illinios to name few.

As a player from a northern state you have to get yourself infront of schools you wish to attend. Blazers, Hittters, Team One, PG. You also need to let schools know that you'd like to go there.

If all you do is play (weak) high school baseball... NO the big schools will NOT find you. Go JUCO and prove you can compete and you might find that big time school.
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I hate to break it to you, but most high school baseball is not very good, some much worse than others. You can live in Maine or Vermont, just attend a a major showcase and show some tools and colleges and MLB scouts will be calling you

Some of the top arms for 2004 draft
Jay Rainville (rhode island) and Mark Rogers
( maine) got on everyones follow list at East Coast pro Showcase

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