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Originally Posted by TPM:
I meant often. 
I remember like it was yesterday.  Such a heartbreak.
Hug your kids tonight and remember that baseball is just a game.

TPM, I was just thinking the same thing.  It was such a shock.  Naturally no one knew what to say and the night had gone so well for Nick.  Deldad, you and your family continue to be in our thoughts!

Nick was a great young man in addition to his pitching talent.  He was the starting pitcher in our first All American Game, Aflac at that time.  Homer Bailey started for the West Team.


We present the Nick Adenhart award at the All American banquet each year.  It represents a talented player with high character.  It is our way of not allowing the players to forget.  A couple years ago the winner was Jose Fernandez.


Nick's parents are very special people.

Thank all of you for remembering. We have very little connection to the baseball world anymore but I do check in on the hsbb web occasionally. Nick's brother Henry had thoracic outlet syndrome surgery and was forced to quit playing. He is doing great as are my wife and I. We have begun to share our story so if anyone would like one of us to speak to a team or group or if you are in the Ft Myers Florida area drop us a line. Again thank you.

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