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My kid just finished a 6 month cycle with Tread Athletics. He made good gains but it would not be possible without a home gym (squat rack, bench, etc.). This may not be an issue now with gyms reopening, but I would suggest speaking to people in your age group who worked the remote program and to see what are the equipment requirements as they could add some cost and in some cases require a second person involvement for recording videos or help with the work outs

My 2022 started remote training with Cressey Sports August before his freshman year.  We went to Cressey in person for a full assessment and initial programming.  Each month the programming was updated based on two way feedback through the prior month.  Initially he did all of the workouts at our local sports club that has a full gym, indoor track, etc...

When COVID hit we went all in on a home based gym. It was a huge financial investment but he has gotten daily use out of it and my 2025 is going to get several years out of it as well so we will eventually break even on the cost vs a gym membership.

You have to have access to the right equipment.

You have to be consistent day to day

You really need an adult willing to monitor your form, spot you, help you chart, etc....until you have some experience.

My son did DriveLine and is currently doing ATP with Dr. Heenan. Both programs are good, if your son puts in the work. If they do the work with the right attitude and not just to get it done, their is potential for big gains.

I agree with what another poster said about home equipment. Although there's an additional investment there, it helps to have the stuff readily available. Kids' schedules are jam packed these days with school, homework, and other activities on top of baseball related stuff.

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