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Had a situation last nite concerning a retired runner.
Basically, R2 was forced out at second base. While trotting off the field (towards third), R2 got in the way of a throw to third base, in an attempt to pick off R3 who had rounded third widely.
Would this be interference by R2, or must it be judged to have been intentional?
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Similarly I have a situation that happened over the weekend at a tournament for a 13U team at Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen MD.

Runners on first and second 1 out. Ground ball to short, flip to second for the force and the throw from second to first is late. Runner from second stops and is standing on third. Firstbaseman throws ball to pitcher on mound. As the pitcher waits for the retired runner to jog off the field between he and third base... the runner on third slowly jogs down the line and crosses paths with retired runner about 2/3 down line toward home. Before anyone realizes, the runner touches home and scores. Or does he. Granted the pitcher had the ball in his hand, he seemed focused on the retired runner... who as I said then crossed paths with runner jogging home. Should that be dead ball as the retired runner passes the pitcher in a potential field of play?
In your opinion, do you think the opposing coaches had practiced and preplanned that situation? If so, it's in the same poor taste as the hidden ball trick is not?

Whether the coaches had practiced and/or preplanned this as a play is anyone's guess.
Apparently no one requested a time out to allow the retired runner to leave the field and the pitcher simply fell asleep. If the ball is still live the runners can advance. It's up to the defense to recognize what's going on and make a play on the advancing runner.

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