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I just heard Lou Pinella state that there was very little difference between playing Left Field or Right Field.  He mentioned a difference in the spin of the ball off the bat but other than that, they were the same.


I know it's hard to argue with his expertise...even though he was a Yankee...!


But I always felt the stronger arm should be in RF due to a longer throw to 3B.

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I would guess that he was down-playing the difference to fit the discussion, whether that was to express confidence in a player's ability to play either or defend decisions made on putting players in a position.


I definitely would argue the statement on it's own - huge difference in ease of reading balls off the bat.  RF almost always gets a slice/fade that is fairly easy to pick up.  LF often gets pulls or hard hooks or liners straight at that can be very difficult to read.  More balls that are hit deep stay in play and can be tracked down in RF, therefore a bit more speed is helpful.  Deep balls to LF tend to leave the park or bounce hard of the fence.  And, definitely agree with the arm strength issue.

SOMETIMES U GUYS MAKE ME LAUGH just because pinella says it is so dont make it so. in each of position the ball comes at u differently and with a different spin   not to mention sun location  oh and by the way  ted williams was a fine leftfielder    he handled the green monster as well as anyone


Yes he did, but with hard work. One time, he notice Yogi swinging late off the Red Sox pitcher and Ted shaded the LF line. Yogi hit a fly ball which normally a double, however Ted made the catch ON THE LINE.

Next inning when Ted was batting, Yogi from his catching position said "how did you make that catch".  Williams said "PROPER THINKING".




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