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Today MLB, will honor Roberto Clemente #21.

1987, In the Pirates locker room, Billy O'Dell LHP Pirates, my friend invited to the Pirates locker room at Dodger Stadium. He introduced me to Roberto.

It was a moment to remember for life!  "if you could mold a perfect physical baseball player, it would be Roberto!!!!

In my limited baseball career I played, as you know I played against Willie, Ernie Banks, Bob Gibson, Dick Howser, Ron Perranoski and a few others. When the uniform is on, we are all equal!!





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@Smitty28 posted:


One of the best ever, for sure.  I'd be curious as to what you think of his swing.  My son calls him a "front-foot hitter" with a lot over the front leg.  I think that was very common back in the 60s and 70s, but you don't really see it today.

I've had three really good front foot hitters in the past 20 years.  Power and average.

It was impressive how long their bat remained in the contact zone. 


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Smitty 28;

Front foot hitters will guide into the pitch with the bat always in a "launch" and able to adjust at the last minute [second] to a change in direction to the pitched ball.

Requires a player with a strong "inner" confidence with relaxed intensity. The eyes remain on a level plane.

Hank Aaron is a "front" foot hitter. Stan Musial.



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