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I feel the right man for the job is Brian Gaffney. I have had the opportunity to talk with and get to know him for the past 2 years. He is very passionate about the game and has a ton of insight. He is very positive with his kids and treats them with respect. He takes great strides in making sure his players are always involved in the game by keeping charts on every aspect. Lastly, he's just a great guy who deserves a shot. He's proven himself with developing the JV program at the Rock, why not give him a chance? All the kids know him and from what I can tell enjoy playing for him.
I heard today (from a Dad whose daughter plays on the Rockwall softball team...that the new Baseball coach is one of the asst.coaches...he said his name, but it was all greek to me...I just asked him because I had seen this thread and was curious as to what he had there you have it...any truth to it? Confused...I don't know...but there you have it...another tidbit...) Wink
Is that the South Garland Coach? I heard they were announcing it Monday. Coach Payne deserves the job. He has been coach Talley’s wing man for over 11 years. Do you not think when a team loses in the state finals and has some of the top 06 seniors in the Dallas Area they would probably have a better chance of repeating if they have played with the coach? Not saying that neither of the other two coaches are not qualified, but what the team needs is Coach Payne. He has been there through it all- the ups and downs.
Don’t you remember when Flower Mound’s coach left for TCU last year. What did they do? They hired the assistant coach, and he did a good job with that program.

Just because some old principal wants his old buddy from his old school to come and coach doesn't mean it would be best for the team. Don't you think?
I agree with you 100%! I will give Robertson credit, he did have a good team and has a lot of good players returning but you should not mess up something that is already working. Payne has put in his time and deserves the chance to prove what he can do. The fact that Robertson will bring his assistant coaches with him will only cause more turmoil. I think Robertson should have stayed at South and Payne should be in charge of Rockwall.
i agree with gamer all elam cares about is football. he cant stand to see baseball keep winning... i heard this from the "rumor mill" but i heard that they were considering Coach Robertson Coach Payne and some 3a coach and i also heard that Elam was wanting a coach that coaches baseball and football... that he wants to get the football program were the baseball program is.... theres somethin wrong with that but thats just my opinion
DNM reports Payne gets Rockwall job.

Rockwall hires Payne as new baseball coach
02:46 PM CDT on Tuesday, June 28, 2005
By KATE HAIROPOULOS / The Dallas Morning News

Rockwall ISD has named Jeff Payne as its new baseball coach. Payne, a Rockwall assistant for 11 years, takes over for Randy Talley, who coached at the school for 14 years. Talley retired after guiding Rockwall to the Class 5A state title game in his final season.
Glory Days,
Seems as though you have misinterpreted my comments. Captain Jack is actually not to concerned with who got the job. Other than having several friends with sons on the Rockwall team I have no ties there!!! I do know that of the 4 Rockwall families that I know they were all hoping for Coach Payne to get the job!!!! So congratulations to Coach Payne!!!!!!!!

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