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Maybe this is just stuff you see in the B-Movies?

I'm talking about current players on the roster and/or upper classmen going out of their way to make things difficult for incoming transfers or freshman players who are competition for their roster spot and/or playing time. Whether it's trying to make them look stupid or messing with their equipment or something else.

Have you ever heard of this happening?

Personally, I have NEVER heard of this happening. Not even once, from my son's experience or from all my friends with kids playing in college. In my son's experience, it was the opposite, where the older kids at his position looked out for him and tried to counsel him, etc.

Maybe it doesn't happen because coaches won't tolerate it?

Or, am I totally wrong and it happens more than you think?

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There's always been initiation for new players, especially freshman. I think the tolerance for mean spirited razzing is mostly a thing of the past, but fun humilaiton is not leaving baseball anytime soon (thankfully). My son had to use a Pokemon backpack his rookie season in the MLB - all in good spirit and a right of passage.

If a freshman made the varsity squad in a neighboring HS the team controlled the walkup song (I recall the Barbie song for some young stud). It was hilarious...

I'm sure there can be bad chemistry situations that need to be addressed, but to me most of the time anyone that thinks this is happening because they're competing for someone's position, might have the wrong attitude.

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The nephew of a well known major leaguer tried to intimidate my son when he was a freshman. The kid acted entitled. Many on the team didn’t care for him. When the kid amped it up my son made a few snippy return comments. They ended up physically fighting on the field when the kid attacked my son.

When pulled aside and chewed out the kid made excuses. My son apologized for not being more mature.

This kid never became a starter. The following year another son of a major leaguer came in. He was a great kid. So, my post is not an indictment of connected sons. One of my son’s travel teammates was connected to a MLB organization. He was a great kid. When he was drafted in a late round (draft went to forty) by that organization my son chuckled and commented “What a miracle! Good for him.”

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