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San Francisco is a tough place to get a good value. The key is to try to stay out of the downtown area.

We have found some decent values at the SF Airport - which is a non rush hour 15 minute drive from Pac Bell Park. You can also go over towards the western side of the city and find some better values.

AAA discounts often offer better prices as well.

I would stay away from hotels that are 1) south of Market street 2) Near Van Ness Avenue by city hall 3) Anywhere near 6th and Market. All three areas are more than a little seedy.

Hope this helps - where do you want to go in SF? That may narrow the search better than anything else.
If I recall right, your son will be playing at USF. I don't think there is too much near campus but I do remember a Best Western, I believe, along Geary near Parker or 1st-5th avenues. That would be in walking distance....up the hill to USF.
I am attaching a link to one hotel chain that has a bit of diversity in smaller hotels in a number of locations with "relatively" affordable prices for SFO. There is also a Holiday Inn on Van Ness and California that could be serviceable.
As to the parking, if you can find it around USF, it is free...for 2 hours. Everywhere else... Mad
Well, leaving the gorgeous hotels on Nob Hill or downtown aside, I googled "Hotels near University of San Francisco" and came up with this link, hope it helps. Although not as glitzy as some of the new hotels, the Clift has always been my favorite but that is mostly because on the rare occasion that I do stay in the City, it is usually to attend a play or the Opera when I feel like making a weekend of it.
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As a native San Franciscan, I felt I had to step in here. You can avoid the downtown completely and hear monkeys at night!! Stay at the Ocean Park Motel (2690 46th Avenue San Francisco 415.566.7020). Two blocks from our fabulous zoo and two blocks from the beach! This is a really nice style! Family rooms with kitchenettes if needed. Good eats just down the beach at the Beach Chalet Brewery. Great breakfast place (Seal Rock Inn) just up the hill from the chalet. Seal Rock Inn is another accomodation option This is where the Beatles stayed in 1964! Great views and on the 38Geary bus line that could save you parking at USF--bus stops about four blocks USF. Good luck!!

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