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A friend of mine's son has a scholly for his sport. It's not baseball. It's that fall sport.

But he still needs $$ for room and board.

Is it true that if he receives outside/private scholarships that he must notify the college and that it could affect his athletic $$ that he's been offered on his NLI?

Any thoughts?
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My understanding is that outside money given for anything but the sport will not count against the scholley given by the school. Anything that comes close to any sport or athletics is applied towards the schools commitment.
I had asked this of one Head Coach as my company awards academic scholarships to our children. He told me that would not be an issue, but might count if one applied for more financial aid. I may be wrong but I think that is how it works, best to get a clarification from the school.
It counts it counts it counts it counts. I went thru this for several painful months with the HSBW scholarship fund.

There are so many stumbling blocks, NCAA rules, etc. that it can make your mind numb (no great feat where I am concerned).

Rules such as a scholarship not being offered to the entire eligible student body, is the specific program fully funded, and on and on.

Scholarships for academics that come directly thru the school are viewed one way, those awarded by outside groups or corporations another.

I would urge the family to discuss this issue with the coaching staff AND the NCAA compliance person at the school.

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baseballs50 - I believe (from everything I've read) that academic money of the kind you describe does NOT cancel out athletic money. At least I hope thats true or we stand to lose some that I thought we had (in addition). Mad

But then again I recently learned on this site that the IRS gets some of the athletic $$ back too (room and board). Mad Mad Mad Mad

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