PATE, Scott David (Age 37) Scott passed away peace-fully after a short illness on November 7, 2009 in Oklahoma City. Born March 3, 1972 in Spokane, WA to David and Julie (Anderson) Pate, Scott spent his childhood participating in a variety of sports, developing a special gift in baseball. Scott, a 1990 graduate of Central Valley High School, continued his journey with baseball at Edmonds Community College and then at Oklahoma City University. After college, Scott found his calling coaching and mentoring baseball players. Serving as a scout for the San Diego Padres, Scott also coached the St. George's baseball team before returning to his alma mater in Oklahoma to coach college baseball. Scott's gifts were many, but we will always remember his fun-loving nature, his dedication to his family and friends, and his passion for baseball.

Scott was one of the most demanding amateur coaches I ever did games for. No one held me responsible for my calls more than he did. But he was fair about it and was never unreasonable and he never lied about what happened to try to gain an advantage.

I remember a time I ejected his star batter on a select team after just one pitch. ("You gotta be f***ing me", he told me after called strike one)

Scott came out and did what he needed to do to try to save his player and show that he would stand up for his team. But he knew the realities and didn't push too far or insult my work.

Rest in peace, Scott. You will be missed.

Rest in Peace.
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Wow, this is very sad news. I just talked to Scott a few months ago and he was very excited about his new venture in Oklahoma City. Scott was definitely a "Type A" individual who lived life to the fullest.. we'll miss him.
This is very sad news. Such a young man so committed to baseball. Prayers headed his way.

If, I may, what took him so suddenly?
I was wondering the same thing. When I talked to Scott in June? he seemed perfectly healthy.. sounded great.. Scott was a big baseball guy, always recruiting, always mentoring players.. what a tragedy. (BTW Bum, Jr. and Scott had the same high school Alma Matta.. Central Valley has lost a good soul.)
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