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I'm a 2002 graduate of a small high school in Arkansas. I received interest and offers from several decent baseball schools including Newman University and Culver-Stockton College. That summer, my mom had her third heart attack so I passed up all those offers to help take care of her that fall.

In the spring she was doing much better so I accepted a full scholarship to Roane State Community College in Harriman, TN. Although I was a tad bit rusty, I was quickly earning the starting shortstop job. Unfortunately, about two weeks before our first game I injured my rotators cuff lifting weights. This forced me to miss the entire season.

After months of rehab, I played 2B in summer ball and hit .439 in 39 games. My arm still wasn't where it needed to be so I came to North Arkansas College (#9 in NJCAA D3) to continue getting my arm back in shape. In the fall I split time with Florida A&M recruit Reggie Murray but my arm still wasn't close to 100%. In January, after talking to my coach, I made the decision to sit out this spring where I could focus on getting my shoulder back to normal and I'm happy to say that it's doing much better. I have been out of school two years so I'm looking for a four-year school to play at next year. I should have three years of eligibility, possibly four if I can file for a medical redshirt. Schools reasonably close to Arkansas are a plus but not a necessity.

Here's more information about myself...

-24 on ACT, 3.5 college gpa
-5'11", 180 lbs.
-6.7 60 yd. dash

-Three-time First Team All-Conference
-Three-time Offensive P.O.Y., two-time Defensive P.O.Y., named to several all-area teams
-Career batting average of .560 with only six strikeouts in four years

-Member of five state championship teams
-In 2001, I was recruited to play centerfield by a Fayetteville team (which included UofA starter Blake Parker & Wichita State's Khol Nanney) in an AAU National Championship tournament. I hit 12-for-19 in six games and hit a game-winning walk-off homerun against Long Island in our final game of the tourney. We played against many top-notch players in that tournament including Lastings Milledge.

I have the heart, desire, and work-ethic to succeed at the highest level of collegiate baseball. I want to play D1 and realistically believe that I can. I have played with and against several D1 players and I don't believe any of them have more talent than I do. My family is still hurting financially, so we're looking for reasonably priced schools that have money to offer. If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it. If there's anything else you'd like to know about me, please let me know.
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SBedwell - I hope all is well with your mother and that your arm gets back to 100%.
I would go to the websites of the schools your interested in, get their address and mail a letter to each detailing the info in your post.
Many d1 email addresses are on this website-you could also go to and order inexpensive cd to get addresses and also see enrollement, in/out of state tuition etc. Good luck to you !!
Okay never mind, forget the Personal message idea. I know that Hendrix College in Conway is really hitting the recruiting trail to add immediate, impact players for next season. It is a great academic school and the basbeall program is on the rise. There is a new coach who is recuiting like crazy to bring in top talent for next season. There are chances to play as a freshman, especially in the middle infield. If you would like to know more, please feel free to email me.
I have spoken with Coach Stahl at Hendrix and I love Conway, but there's no way I could afford to go to school there. I'm having to take out loans to pay for my $900 tuition at Northark.

Anyhow, I agree the program is on the rise and they will be a solid program in the coming years. I respect Coach Stahl and what he has done with the few bodies he's had this season. If I could afford it, I'd definitely consider Hendrix. Thanks a lot for your input.

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