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Thursday at Warrior Field

Game 1 - Eustace vs. Dallas Sunset - 3:15pm

Game 2 - Mansfield Legacy vs. Lake Highlands - 1pm

Loser 1 vs. Loser 2 - 5:30pm

Game 3 - Dallas Christian vs. Lubbock HS - 7:45pm

Thursday at Gopher Field

Game 4 - Bishop Lynch vs. South Garland - 1pm

Game 5 - Garland Sachse vs. Arlington HS - 3:15pm

Loser 4 vs. Loser 5 - 5:30pm

Game 6 - Irving HS vs. Plano HS - 7:45pm
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T21 - What a great Tourney in SGP this past weekend!!

We enjoyed it all, and... the competition was better than we've seen in a preseason tournament in awile. I got a chance to visit with Casey and Jesus a.k.a "Chewy" in the bullpen while SGP played Plano. Both seemed like nice kids and were alot of fun to visit with. Also, kudos to the grounds crew/coaches, superb field conditions!!

We also got to see lil' Middleton go yard against us in the semi. Nice oppo shot!

We had a great time, you guys put on a great tourney.

Good luck this season! GED10DaD
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We are glad that you enjoyed the tournament. Thanks for noticing the field. We (the coaches) try to keep it in the best shape possible while working with what we have.

Both Middleton's have found their power stroke this year. That make 7 bombs for Jacoby, including the 4 he hit in scrimmages.

Hope everyone else had a good time as well. If anyone has suggestions on what we can do to make it better next year, please feel free to share.

Congrats to Bishop Lynch on the big tourney win. Great Saturday for the Friars. Great wins Saturday 3-1 against a good Plano team and then beating Lubbock 11-1 in the final. Beck, Adams and Martin were fantastic for the Friars. Martin led the way offensively hitting 692 for the tourney. Congrats to the Friars and thank you to the kind people at both GP and SGP for putting on a great tourney.

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