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Congrats to Kyle Crick and his family!
Kyle was the 49th overall pick in this year's draft. He has reported to Arizona and is making his first start this week.

Oh, it was $900,000 for those of you wondering.
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Originally posted by TxMom:
Congrats. The Giants take excellent care of their pitching prospects. He's in good hands. Smile

I totally agree with you! He had been at their complex in Arizona for almost 2 weeks before he even stepped on the mound. When they came to Sherman for a private work out, Asst. GM Dick Tidrow (came out of the bullpen for the 70's Yankees) and Tim Linscecum's personal pitching coach showed up. We were sponges soaking up all the information they were sharing.

1st outing he recorded the last 4 outs of the game. No runs allowed, 2 hits, 3 K's.

I know one of my vacations next summer will involve going to see him pitch where ever he may be.

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