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I am currently a high school senior approaching the deadline for my decision. My choice is coming down to playing ball or not, and I have an important question that may help my decision. I was recruited by many d3 schools, and the one that I am about to commit to, has never seen me play. I have met with the coach multiple times, and he has all of my numbers and statistics. He also has spoken with my high school coach, and talked with my pitching coach. the numbers on his team are not very high, at 25, it is a solid academic school, and is not a big time program. All of this said, should I be concerned, or cautious of going to this school? (The coach has showed heavy interest in me, many calls and letters, meetings)
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If you have done the things you should have to date--showcases, high profile teams, being proactive-- you should now know the water level that your talent will seek--it is apparently Division III since you have no other situations

The school in question:

Do you like the school?
Does it have your intended major ?

Many kids play at the Division III without the coach having seen them-- Fall is typically tryout time even for many that the coach has seen.

I do not see why you would be cautious--everything seems to be in line for you--baseball, good school solid academics and the possible chance to play

I say GO FOR IT !!!!
baseballer- My son was also recruited by a great number of D-3 schools, many of which never saw him play. but, same as you, spoke to him, spoke to coaches, saw stats etc. It's tough for many D-3 to get out there (smaller staff, budget etc.)

but, sounds like this coach really wants you, has done the homework he thinks is necessary and it doesn't seem like you have something to be concerned about. It seems pretty obvious they want you and, perhaps more importantly, if YOU feel right about the school, sounds like a good situation.
Playing time is not distributed amongst the players of the team based on the level of recruitment of each player, playing time is distributed based on talent, attitude, desire, and needs of the team at the moment.

I would imagine that this coach has faith in your coaches description of your talents for some reason, whatever that is.

But being seen and recruited doesn't guarantee playing time any more than not being seen guarantee's you will sit on the bench. You really don't know till you get there and start to play with the other players.

Coaches usually try to put the best team on the field and if you are better than a player they say play in high school, the coach will play you.

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