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I signed my son up for Showball (Boston) son July 13-14 2022 and Headfirst (New York)  on August 3-4 2022. Since registering he has committed. If anyone would like to take his spot at either or both Showcase (at a nicely discounted rate) please send an email to



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@Aardvark posted:

Congrats! We could be interested, but are transferred registration allowed?

My son attended Showball with a transferred registration last summer. There was no problem.  The original owner (registeree?) emailed the Showball owner and cc'd me asking to transfer the registration (with all of Lefty's info).  I venmo'd money.  This kid was hurt, so I'm not sure if that changes things.

Have you been getting the emails that you are copied on from Headfirst? I have in writing that it is 100% transferable no matter the date, position, etc. Please let me know if these emails have not reached you. In the meantime, if anyone else is interested, our discussion will start with me sharing the email from Headfirst that states a transaction of this type is absolutely no problem.

Here is said email copy and pasted, but I will send original.

Hey Mike,

Thank you so much for the kind words! I will be sure to let my team know. In terms of the transfer, yes we are able to perform it on our end. All we do on our end is create a discount code for Kennie to use at checkout. that will completely waive the balance due. The only thing we would not manage is the payment between you and Kennie. Let me know when you are ready to create that discount code, and I can get Kennie everything he needs.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.


And this is the my inquiry to Headfirst…

Hey Aaron,

Thank you for the response and well wishes. Given the times, my son is very fortunate.
I am copying Kennie in this email. His son is a catcher and would like to replace my son (MI) at the New York event on August 3-4.
Before there is a financial transaction between me and Kennie,  I just want to reconfirm this will all work on your end.

Final call for Headfirst  (August 3-4) in New York. If your son is a catcher this won’t help as there is now a waiting list, but if your son is a middle infielder, I can get you in even though the position is sold out as my son still is registered with them as a MI on that date. All other positions, there appears to be no waiting list so this would be transferable. Deeply discounted at $500. Email me at if interested.

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